About Our Temporary Staffing Solution

Adecco temporary recruitment and staffing services are unsurpassed for impact on your bottom line.

Why use contract and temporary staffing services?

Approximately 75% of all business expenses are related to recruitment, hiring, turnover, benefits and absenteeism. Adecco provides recruitment and staffing solutions for temporary employees and other forms of flexible staffing, with four ways to slash costs and optimize your human resource ROI.

• Turnover and Recruitment Costs Savings – Adecco employment agency manages all employee recruitment and turnover activity.

• “As Needed” Hiring – Clients use temporary staff during peak business periods, eliminating high payroll expenditures during low business periods.

• Overtime Savings – Clients can save on high overtime costs and maintain peak production by having additional temporary employees working shorter hours and/or during peak busy hours.

• Training Cost Savings – Adecco evaluates applicant knowledge, skills and personality before placement.