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About Our General Recruitment Solution


With more than 50 years on the international and 40 years on the local market, Adecco Mauritius is a leader in recruitment. We have continuously developed innovative interview techniques and increasingly efficient recruitment processes, in order to provide the best candidates to our clients.

In 2012, Adecco Mauritius acquired the first private recruitment company of the island: Service Bureau & Executive Search. Since then Adecco Mauritius is positioned as a market leader in the recruitment industry.

Since last year,  we invested in a powerful online recruitment platform allowing candidates to apply on vacancies directly through their Linked In account. Thus facilitating the sourcing process while encouraging a higher number of potential candidate to visit the website.

As part of our service, we advertise vacancies on our website (80,000+ registered candidates), other partnering jobsites and on our Facebook page, at no additional cost.

For each recruitment assignment undertaken, we systematically carry out CV screening, first stage interviews to determine competency and cultural fit, shortlist the best candidates and request for references prior to final stage interviews. Our clients are kept informed of progress at each stage via regular feedback reports.

In line with our aim to provide a comprehensive and superior service, we have the added advantage of offering recognised psychometric tests. The tests enable clients to scientifically assess the candidates’ potential to perform on the job.

Why Adecco?

• 50 years’ experience international market
• 40 years’ experience local market
• Adecco Mauritius is the leader in recruitment
• Guarantee of 100 days
• Psychometric testing
• Strong database
• Innovative interview techniques
• Reference check for each profile
• First C.Vs sent to clients within 2 weeks

Our recruitment process

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