Recruitment Services

About Our Recruitment Services


If you are looking for hassle free recruitment then you have come to the right place! The professional team of Adecco will provide you convenient & efficient expert services and advice so that all the recruitment process is as smooth as possible.

We provide candidates with the adequate profile and matching your requirements. Cvs are checked and candidates are favourable to employment terms

We interview candidates and test candidates, an interview report is provided and our recommendations.

For a period of 100 days after employment we ensure a follow up on candidate’s integration.


How the contract is formed

The financial proposal

An agreement between the two parties (our company and the recruiter) will be submitted and, once signed, will be valid for all future recruitment missions.


The Client is requested not to use the services of any of our competitors without letting us know. To avoid time-consuming duplication of effort, we ask that you do not contact any of our competitors during our search process (a reasonable deadline will be established – usually 15 days) unless it has been mutually agreed that we can no longer fulfill your requirements.

Enhancing the talent search – the screening process

The recruiter may choose to reinforce this online advertising through a traditional media campaign which will be entirely at her/his costs but will be facilitated by us as regards to design and print. Prospective candidates will apply online for the specific position and if their profile matches the job advertised, they will be invited to attend an interview with the recruitment executive of Adecco.

At the end of this stage the recruitment executive will feed his/her mission report and mix of neutral profiles of the pre-screened candidates with a comment on each of them into the recruiter’s personal space. He/she will eventually organize, upon request, interviews with the candidates chosen by the recruiter from this shortlist at the recruiter’s place of work, thus putting the final stop to her/his part of the mission’s schedule.

What happens once the recruiter makes his final choice?

The total expected duration between the inception and end of a mission usually ranges from 2 to 3 weeks for the part entrusted to Adecco. Afterwards it is up to the recruiter to fully close the exercise and to proceed in sole discretion with the actual job being offered to the chosen candidate and informing us accordingly about the outcome for billing purposes.

Now you are ready to get started!

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